“The same line of proof which establishes that Christ is the promised Messiah, conversely applied, establishes that the Roman system is the predicted Apostacy. In the life of Christ we behold the converse of what the Antichrist must be; and in the prophecy of the Antichrist we are shown the converse of what Christ must be, and was. And when we place the Papacy between the two, and compare it with each, we find, on the one hand, that it is the perfect converse of Christ as seen in His life; and, on the other, that it is the perfect image of the Antichrist, as shown in the prophecy if him. We conclude, therefore, that if Jesus of Nazareth be the Christ, the Roman Papacy is the Antichrist.” -preface. The Papacy is the Antichrist – J. A. Wylie

Christ and Antichrist, or, Jesus of Nazareth Proved to be the Messiah and the Papacy Proved to be the Antichrist Predicted in the Holy Scriptures – Samuel J. Cassels

History Unveiling Prophecy – H. Grattan Guinness

“Before his flight in 1686 to Boston (according to Dunton) ‘Mr. Harris I think also Printed the Protestant Tutor, a Book not at all relish’d by the Popish Party, because it is the design of that little Book to bring up Children in an Aversion to Popery ‘ -pp. 15-16.The New England Primer: A History of its Origin and Development – Paul Leicester Ford (ed.)

The Papacy and the Civil Power – R.W. Thompson

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome – Charles Chiniquy

Logic Primer – Elihu Carranza

Catholic Mass military letter

Washington in the Lap of Rome – Justin Dewey Fulton

The Necessity of Gordon Clark – B.K. Campbell