Published elsewhere

Below are my articles and book reviews published elsewhere.

Book review: Modern Version Failures, by Charles Kriessman, Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, 29(56):104-106, 2016.

Yet another old-earther accuses a creationist of believing in evolution, Published: 12 April 2016 (GMT+10)

Book review: The Bible and the Problem of Knowledge, by W.R. Downing, Creation Research Society Quarterly 52(3):226-227, 2016.

Irreconcilable records of history and muddled methodology: book review of 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution, by Ken Keathley and Mark Rooker, Journal of Creation 30(1):19-24, 2016.

Book review: A Survey of Biblical Interpretation, by Ronald Cooke, Creation Research Society Quarterly 52(2):154, 2015.

Book review: New Evangelicalism: The New World Order, by Paul Smith, Creation Research Society Quarterly 52(1):69-70, 2015.

A theologian’s disappointing departure from biblical creation, Journal of Creation 28(3):120-127, 2014.

Book review: Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny, by Dave Hunt, Creation Research Society Quarterly 47(4):333-335, 2011.