Recommended Resources

A list of ministries, blogs, publishers and other noteworthy resources.

1689 Conference

1689 Federalism

Alpha and Omega Ministries – James White

The Author of My Faith

Banner of Truth

Berean Beacon – Richard Bennett

Bible Based Ministries

Biblical Geology – Tas Walker

Biblical Hermeneutics – Andrew Kulikovsky

Canon Fodder – Michael J. Kruger

The Confessing Baptist – Reformed Resources from a 1689 Perspective

Contrast – Brandon Adams

Cornwall Alliance – For the stewardship of creation

Creation Ministries International (CMI)

Creation Research Society (CRS)

Critical Issues Commentary – Bob DeWaay

European Institute of Protestant Studies

Evangelical Theological Society

Forcing Change – Carl Teichrib

Founders Ministries

God’s Hammer

Good Fight Ministries

The Gordon H. Clark Foundation

Hail and Fire Books


Hillsong Church Watch

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS)

International Conference on Creationism

Lighthouse Trails Publishers

The Logic Classroom

Lux Lucet – The Bible Alone is the Word of God

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Mises Institute

Monergism Books

National Association of Parents

Nizman – original poetry and short stories by Niz

North Shore Baptist Church

Out of His Mouth – Timothy F. Kauffman

Particular Voices

A Place for Thoughts – Doug Douma

Polemics Report

Proclaiming the Gospel

Protestant Truth Society

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries

Pulpit and Pen

Reformed Baptist Academic Press (RBAP)

Reformed Baptist Faith and Family Publishing

Reformed Libertarian

Ron Paul Liberty Report

The Rutherford Institute

Scripturalism – The philosophy of Gordon H. Clark

Solid Ground Christian Books

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Silicon Valley

Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP)

The Submerging Church

Thomas Sowell

The Trinity Foundation

Truth International Ministries – Ronald Cooke

The Tuttle Twins – Teach your children the principles of liberty

Verax Institute – Martin Erdmann

Walter E. Williams

Watchman Fellowship

Westminster Bookstore

Worldview Weekend (The Situation Room)