Rome’s evil doctrine of the Universal Destination of Goods, by Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews provides us with a series of articles and podcasts dealing with the current immigration controversy through the lense of Scripture. Steve is a Presbyterian and a scripturalist (following the theology and philosophy of Gordon H. Clark). In his 12th post in the series, Immigration, Citizenship, and the Bible, he provides an excellent summary of Thomistic economic theory and specifically addresses the Romish doctrine of the “universal destination of goods”.

For some biblical, constitutional, and level-headed thoughts on the subject of immigration absent the leftist emotive rhetoric, I recommend reading Steve’s previous posts in this series. In this article, Christians will benefit from learning a bit about the Roman Church-State’s theory of economics and why it is blatantly anti-capitalistic and wholly without biblical support. The Roman Church-State’s economic and political theory reaches well beyond the immigration issue and is particularly relevant in an age where communism (or communitarianism) is praised by both the papal antichrist and the Marxists in academia.

Due to time demands at work, it has been some time since the previous installment of my series Immigration, Citizenship and the Bible. Those circumstances now ended, it is my hope, Lord willing, to complete the final postings this spring. But before moving on to break new ground, it seems good to me to circle […]

via Immigration, Citizenship, and the Bible Part 12: Rome’s Evil Doctrine of the Universal Destination of Goods — Lux Lucet


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